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Meet The Pros

Meet the pros at Action Offroad Quad Camp! Join us for an unforgettable adventure with the top riders in the industry. Experience heart-pumping action, learn from the best, and make memories to last a lifetime.

  • Is camping available?
    Yes, there is free primitive camping for all campers. Cabins and camping hook ups are limited but available upon request. Contact Mike at Moree’s Sportsmen’s Preserve at 843-841-6031 to reserve yours.
  • Are meals included for campers?
    Yes! Each camper will receive breakfast , lunch, and dinner. Each home cooked meal is prepared by the staff of Moree’s and is fantastic! Please notify us with any dietary restrictions, we will be happy to accommodate! No parent participation is required. Additional meal vouchers (siblings, parents) are available as well.
  • How do I measure my campers progress?
    Each camper will be timed on the custom woods loop on the first day, then again before end of camp on Sunday. Parents and campers have been very pleased with results of lap times.
  • Is there water available for RV fill?
    Yes, there is water available by the mix track.
  • Will there be fuel available?
    No, but transportation to gas station always available!
  • My equipment breaks down on day what?
    Derisi Racing will be on site to help support and repair. Derisi will establish pricing for repairs (at camp discounted rate). Each camper is suggested to bring 2 quads. We average 15-20 hours of seat time. Please bring extra parts (chain, sprocket, air filter, oil, plenty of race fuel).
  • What do we do when camp is done for the day?
    After a full day of training most campers are worn out but swimming, fishing, and exploring the property are always popular! NO free riding, once training is done for the day we ask that quads are parked. Golf carts are available for rent, please contact Moree’s.
  • What gear should my camper have?
    For safety reasons, helmet and boots are required at all times. Chest protector and neck braces are strongly encouraged. Each camper is recommended to have a couple sets of riding pants and jerseys. Missing anything?? No problem, head over to Action Offroad for all your riding needs!
  • July in South Carolina will be "WARM", how do I keep my camper cool?
    Hydration packs (camelback) are strongly encouraged! We will provide bottled waters at each gathering place.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Sure! Dogs are welcome but are your responsibility. Please clean up after them and MUST be on leash.
  • Will I be able to wash my quad?
    There is water available by the Mx track.
  • What sets Action Off-road Camp apart from the rest?
    Action Offroad Quad Camp was developed by the Stewart family and designed to be the ULTIMATE quad training camp in the Southeast and across the US. We cater to riders of all ages and skill levels. Each camper will receive one-on-one coaching sessions with the pros, as well as group training sessions. We focus on getting to know our campers on and off the track which encourages fun and winning attitudes! Campers can expect nightly giveaways! In the past we have given away $10,000 in gifts and prizes during camp. EACH rider will receive SOMETHING! “Best Attitude” , “Most Improved”, “Craziest Come-off” are among the honorees! Parents can participate in as little or as much as they want. Some follow along during training sessions and some prefer to hang out by the lake. Either way Action Offroad Quad camp is engaging and fun for the whole family!
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