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Frequently Asked Question

  • Wyatt Wilkin
    Meet Wyatt Wilkin, a 23-year-old professional racer with a passion for racing! Wyatt's journey started at the age of three when he first rode a dirt bike. Although for most of his childhood he raced dirt bikes, things changed when his sister got a quad. "We all know how that goes, so I had to have one as well." Little did he know that this would be the start of his professional racing career. Wyatt's family has a deep history of racing. Growing up, they were always at the track and surrounded by quads and dirt bikes. Wyatt and his uncles even had the opportunity to travel together which solidified his love for racing. Now that he has worked his way to the top, he reflects on why camp is so beneficial. "When it comes to camp, I think of family. Saying that racing is like a family is one thing, but feeling it is something else entirely. Camp offers a chance to set aside the competitive aspect of racing and lets you simply enjoy ridings quads, the main reason why I started riding in the first place." Wyatt loves that he can share his passion for racing with others at camp. It provides him with a space free from pressure where he can spend time with like-minded individuals. "We are some of the luckiest people to be able to do what we do on top of the fact that these kids get to ride and learn from the best racers in the country, it's a win-win in my eyes." Wyatt also touches on how grateful he is for those who work hard to make sure camp runs smoothly. This will be his third year at camp and can't wait to help others learn and grow.
  • Jay Shadron
    Get ready to meet Jay Shadron, a 27-year-old professional racer from Acme, Pennsylvania. With an extensive racing career, Jay has been racing nationally since 2006. His dedication has earned him an impressive collection of accolades, including 5 GNCC Amateur National Championships, 2-time GNCC Amateur Rider of the Year, and the prestigious 2022 GNCC XC2 Pro-Am Class Champion. He has also secured numerous local championships over the years as well. After a brief hiatus from national racing, Jay worked to regain his spot in the XC1 Pro Class. Outside of racing, Jay works full-time at Action Offroad. We are excited to announce that Jay will be joining us at camp for the first time this year! He is eager to connect with fellow riders and share the knowledge and skills that he has acquired over the years. Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience to train with Jay, his experience and techniques are guaranteed to help you grow as a racer!
  • Kate Osburn
    We are delighted to introduce Kate Osburn, a 35-year-old professional racer from Upstate New York! Kate has been actively involved in racing for the past 13 years and her passion started when a good friend brought her to a local XC race in New York. After experiencing the thrill of racing, she has been hooked ever since. "I wish there was something like Action Offroad Camp when I started racing. I learned a lot over the years from many failures and defeats. Action Offroad Camp educates riders on many things that I had to learn the hard way." Kate's favorite part of camp is witnessing the riders' progress and transformation into athletes. Seeing them leave the camp equipped with new skills and techniques that they can apply on the race track in pursuit of victory makes it all worth it. Kate continues to learn from the camp and other trainers each year, incorporating these insights into her path to improve her racing program. We are fortunate to have Kate as part of our camp, and her experience and dedication will undoubtedly inspire our riders. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a veteran who has a true passion for the sport!
  • Austin Abney
    We are excited to introduce Austin Abney, a 24-year-old professional racer from Veedersburg, Indiana! Austin has been actively involved in racing for the past 9 years, working his way up the ranks to become a GNCC XC1 Pro Racer Throughout his journey, Austin has achieved remarkable accomplishments, securing 8 Indiana Cross Country championships and the Grand National Cross Country 2020 XC2 Pro-am Championship. When he's not racing, Austin works as a full-time welder and territory sales manager for Lindsey Gas and Equipment. At camp, Austin's favorite part is the opportunity to hang out with everyone and truly get to know each participant. Building relationships and fostering a sense of community are what Austin values the most. We are excited to have Austin join us at camp and share his knowledge with our riders!
  • Haedyn Mickelson
    We are excited to introduce you to Haedyn Mickelson, a 25-year-old professional racer from Salisbury, NC! Haedyn grew up in southeast Minnesota and has been racing motocross since the age of 7. He quickly rose through the ranks and earned Rookie of the Year in the Pro class in the ATVMX series. Haedyn's racing career has expanded to include GNCC racing, which he began about 5 years ago. His love for racing began when his parents would go riding in the woods on weekends with friends and he and his brother outgrew riding with them. Haedyn's father took them both to a track on bone stock Suzuki LT80s and they were instantly hooked At camp, Haedyn loves seeing the kids start out super excited and watching their progress over just a few days. When he goes back to racing, he finds that everyone remembers him and he has made a lot of new friends and fans that cheer him on. We are so excited to have Haedyn join us at camp this year!
  • Cole Richardson
    Introducing Cole Richardson, a 27-year-old professional racer from Struthers, Ohio! With a strong passion for racing, Cole has been competing since 2009 and has been racing in GNCC since 2013. Growing up, Cole always enjoyed trail riding and making trails in the woods with his family and friends. It wasn't until 2009 when a friend invited him to try a race series that he would become hooked on the sport. Now, Cole is excited to bring his expertise to our camp and meet all the young riders who look up to professional racers. He loves nothing more than bonding over the shared love of riding and is eager to hang out with campers during their time at camp. We hope you'll join us in welcoming Cole and take advantage of this incredible opportunity to learn from a true racing pro!
  • Josh Merritt
    Give a warm welcome to Josh Merritt, a 29-year-old professional racer with some impressive experience! Josh has been racing in GNCC since he was 14 years old and has been dedicated to being the best. Currently completing the XC-1 Pro class, Josh is experiencing one of the best years of his racing career, taking both the racing world and the podium by storm. Josh's journey has not been the easiest, but his determination allows him to find a way to get things done. Whether it means reaching the finish line or simply maintaining focus on his goals, Josh persists with a relentless attitude that has translated to his success as a racer. He loves camp because it is a large community of people uniting for a common goal - improving their skills on an ATV. "The hard work shown throughout the week shows, the riders can see that they're getting better every single day." After a long day of racing, the camp has a wide variety of other activities that brings the group together even more. Josh enjoys spending quality time with everyone at camp and hearing everyone's unique stories. "It's a great way to simply hang out with others who share common goals and interests. The day concludes in the best way possible, from swimming to group activities, nothing beats Action Offroad Camp."
  • Jarrod McClure
    Welcome Jarrod McClure, a seasoned 34-year-old professional racer from Kaska, Pennsylvania. With a racing career spanning two decades, Jarrod has spent 16 of those years competing as an XC1 Pro. His journey started with John Bowers, the owner of a local motorcycle/ATV shop where Jarrod worked for several years. It was through John's guidance that Jarrod first experienced racing when he borrowed a 400EX and entered a local D6 Race series. A year later, Bowers took Jarrod to the GNCC series where he found further support and mentorship from Harlen Foley from Dirt-Nation. With their mentorship and the backing of a few sponsors, Jarrod began his ascent to the top. When it comes to camp, Jarrod enjoys connecting with others with similar interests and goals. "It's hearing everyone's story about racing and why they love it and hate it haha. Then trying to help them in any way I can as a Pro rider to progress their skill level is very rewarding. It's nice to be able to give back and share some of the knowledge I've gained over the past 20 years... oh and the wheelie competition is awesome too!" "The road to the top in the racing world is a bumpy one with a lot of hard lessons. As I came through the ranks, it took a long time to learn the skills, tricks, and various methods to become one of the best. Camp is your shortcut to getting there, it will make the road a lot smoother and shorter by surrounding yourself with a dozen pro riders. Come learn and have a blast doing it!"
  • Dylan Walraven
    Welcome Dylan Walraven, an accomplished racer with an extensive career in GNCC. Dylan has been actively participating in GNCC races for 11 years now and is currently in the XC2 Class and proudly carries three national championship wins under his belt. He has also won the Mid-East Pro Class for the past four years. Finally, Dylan has won the Vegas to Reno 500 Race as well. Dylan's racing journey began with the guidance of his father. They used to race together at ride parks which was the foundation for Dylan's racing career. Countless races and victories have led up to where Dylan is now where he proudly shares his love for racing with others. Outside of his personal accomplishments, his favorite part about camp is getting to work with all sorts of riders. Witnessing the progress that the riders can achieve in a short period with proper instruction is why he loves camp. Dylan enjoys being about to contribute to the growth of the racers at camp and being able to share his knowledge to help them reach their full potential.
  • Landon Wolfe
    Say hi to Landon Wolfe, a 29-year-old professional racer from Westminster, Maryland. Landon has been racing nationally since 2009. Over the years, he has competed in various classes at the highest level. From 2014 to 2017, Landon ran the XC1 Pro class and since 2018, he has been dominating the 4x4 Pro class. This will be his fourth year at camp and is excited to be returning. His favorite part about camp is witnessing the transformation and progress of each rider throughout the week. "My favorite part of camp is getting together with all of the riders in the evening to answer questions about what they learned that day. It's also nice to enjoy the evening activities that the camp has to offer. There's so much to learn at Action Offroad Camp and with an incredible team of coaches, this isn't one to miss." Adding to the lineup of pros, Landon shares a passion for helping others reach their goals. With his experience and skillset to back it up, Landon has a unique vision that will surely help you reach the next level.
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